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  • Specializing in custom development for desktop, servers or mobile devices. We focus on reliable, maintainable softeare
    • Mobile Application Development 
      • As phones and tablets become more widespread, mobile applications are a requirement for the modern business. 
      • Our cross-platform development service targets Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Your new mobile app can connect to your server or ours.

    • Website Development 
      • We do custom website development. 
      • When we say custom, we really mean it, we can build you anything from a simple company or event website, to a full-fledged system that 
      • has users, databases, or anything else. We can work with any existing server you have, or we can set you up with one.

    • Logistics and Data Managment
      • This is one area that we specialize in. We can construct a system to collect, manage and analyze data. The system can track physical items, 
      • people, or anything else that needs management, and we can provide ways to control it, and to create/view reports on the data.

    • Software Consulting Services 
      • Not sure what you need? We can help you figure it out. Give us a call.  


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